Learn the History

Nez Perce Tribe

Nimiipuu lifeways as we know it is the world’s oldest continuous culture. Alive and dynamic, generations of Nimiiuu access thousands of years of accumulated knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual strength. By listening to our elders, observing Mother Earth and her teachings as well as sharing oral history from generation to generation, we are able to preserve the old ways of our people.  

For the last two hundred years, we have allowed our colonizers to share our history from their perspective. Now is the time for Nimiipuu to share our stories, in our own language, across our traditional homeland. We gather, dance, sing and drum to decolonize and dismantle the way in which our history is shared. It’s our inherent responsibility to utilize the tourism platform to share our stories from our own voices. 

We extend the opportunity for all people to join us in the powerful and authentic experiences of Nez Perce Tourism, LLC. As a nation, we will continue to project the spirit of resilience, recognition, and tribal sovereignty by way of honoring Nimiipuu identity.