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A view of the Snake River at the stateline of Idaho and Oregon in Hells Canyon.`

3-Day, 2-Night Nez Perce Journey

Hear our songs, stories and legends while experiencing Nez Perce culture. Learn the truths of our past and visit the places our ancestors walked. Understand the deep history and culture of Nimiipuu at the Confluence of the Clearwater and Snake Rivers, explore the Lewis-Clark Discovery Center, Nez Perce National Historical Park, petroglyphs at Buffalo Eddy and more!

Tour Includes

Overnight Accommodations & Transportation
3 hour Heartbeat of the People Tour
2 hour Jet Boat Tour
3 hour Celebrate & Honor Tour
Nimiipuu Petroglyphs
Encounter Wildlife & Birds
Historical Sites & Events
Nimiipuu Cultural Demonstrations
Visit the Lewis Clark Discovery Center


2-Day, 1-Night Tour Among Nez Perce

Experience a pow wow celebration, language, songs, stories, and legends of Nimiipuu. Interact with the local tribe people, and become immersed in seeing life from a new perspective.

Tour Includes

Overnight Accommodations & Transportation
3 hour Celebrate & Honor Tour
4 hour Heartbeat of the People Tour
Historical Sites & Events
Nimiipuu Cultural Demonstrations


Hear the Echoes of our Ancestor Jet Boat Tour

Join Nimiipuu on a boat trip up the Snake River into Hells Canyon and experience the places our ancestors call home. Learn the importance of “Tsceminicum” (She-mi-ni-cum) where the waters meet. Learn the teachings of why water is sacred, experience our responsibility, respect, and connection to land. Hear the legends, visit the ancient petroglyphs, and allow the rich history and culture of Nimiipuu to awaken your soul.

Tour Includes

3 hour Jet Boat Tour
Ancient Oral Nimiipuu Legends
Historical Nimiipuu Encampments
Nimiipuu Petroglyphs
Encounter Wildlife 

Nimiipuu White Water Rafting

Experience the rich culture of the Nimiipuu while connecting to the Salmon River, a Class III River and the longest free-flowing river in the lower 48. Become immersed in the legends, historical significance as you explore this 11 mile stretch with your professional Nimiipuu guide(s). The scenery and history is breathtaking. Snack and water included from Riggins to Lucille. No experience necessary, ages 5+ are welcome. Must be a minimum of 6 guests to launch.

Dinner with the Nez Perce

Join us as we weave together a celebration of traditional food, offering an experience that flows together like the currents in the river. Learn the significance of Nez Perce foods through song and dance.

Appaloosa Horse Riding Session

Guided by experienced wranglers, you will learn the history of our horse culture. Whether it’s your first time or a season rider, we have appaloosa for you. This tour includes a 90-minute presentation at Nez Perce National Historical Park.

Traditional Arts Workshop

Join our circle featuring members of the Nimiipuu community who want to share their knowledge of traditional techniques. Workshops include making dreamcatchers, jewelry, beading, painting, and more. Workshops are generally 2-4 hours and all supplies are included with the experience.

Nimiipuu Van Rental

Rent our 14-passenger 2013 Ford E-Series Van and reach your destinations in extra comfort and convenience with
our driver or on your own.

Nimiipuu Culture

From river beds to mountain tops, Nez Perce Tourism offers land and water journeys giving you insight into the Nimiipuu way of life. Each tour is designed to be educational and transformational, as the sacred landscape and voices of our ancestors echo beyond your visit.

Nimiipuu Gifts

Drop into our Nez Perce Traditions gift shop in Downtown Lewiston’s shopping district to discover authentic hand-crafted tribal items from local artists to take home.