Day with the Nimiipuu (Nez Perce)



“Day with the Nimiipuu” is a land guided excursion designed to connect you with the people and landscapes of Nimiipuu (Nez Perce).

Enjoy a guided narrative through Nimiipuu homeland via where you witness oral tribal history, passed down from generation to generation. Allow the land and the legends to resonate with your own life journey as the coyote stories bring forth the oldest of values: compassion, respect and reciprocity.

Navigate with us along the Snake River to Buffalo Eddy in Hells Canyon, North America’s Deepest River Gorge, where you will hear the echoes of our ancestors through singing and drumming. Experience the power of Nimiipuu through the ancient 8,000 year old petroglyphs (prehistoric rock carvings). Take a moment to reflect on your personal narrative in life and ask for guidance through our welcome ceremony. Head down river to the Lewis and Clark Discovery Center where the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery first felt the hospitality of the Nimiipuu in 1804.

Approximate Schedule
10:00 AM Pick up at Holiday Inn Express Hotel Lobby
10:40 AM Arrive at Buffalo Eddy for Welcome Ceremony
12:00 AM Arrive at Lewis Clark Discovery Center
1:00 PM Tour Adjourned