Hear the Echoes of Our Ancestors Jet Boat Tour

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Hear the Echoes of Our Ancestors Tour Information

Join Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) guide(s) on a 3-hour jet boat trip up the Snake River into Hells Canyon. Experience the places our ancestors call home and learn the importance of “Tsceminicum” (She-mi-ni-cum) where the waters meet. Gain insight into the power place of Nimiipuu, learn the teachings of why our waters are sacred. Nimiipuu guides will help you envision the prominent villages. Hear legends of our people and visit the ancient messages they left for us in the petroglyphs along the rocks of Buffalo Eddy. Allow the rich history and culture of Nimiipuu to awaken your soul. This tour is designed to be educational and transformational as the sacred landscape and voices of our ancestor’s echo through your visit.

  • 3 Hour Jet Boat Tour
  • Experience ancient oral legends of Nimiipuu guides
  • Understand the connection of Tsceminicum and sacred water
  • See where historical Nimiipuu encampments were located
  • Board your jet boat from the Confluence of the Clearwater and Snake rivers
  • Visit Nimiipuu petroglyphs
  • Encounter wildlife
  • Capture monumental photos

*Customize your tour today with a minimum of 20 people. 

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Hear the Echoes of our Ancestor Jet Boat Tour

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